Adam Marrs is a Computer Scientist specializing in the areas of computer graphics, video games, and digital art. As a PhD student at North Carolina State University, his research focuses on real-time soft shadowing, reflections, multi-view rendering, and global illumination.

Prior to NC State, Adam worked as a Senior Software Developer for several digital advertising agencies including AKQAEvolution Bureau, and Modea. He has worked on teams large and small servicing international clients including Microsoft Xbox, Target, Verizon Wireless, Adidas, Hasbro, T-Mobile, among others. Projects to which he has significantly contributed have received professional accolades from international organizations such as Clio, One Show, AdAge, Adobe, and the American Advertising Federation.

Adam is a proud graduate of Virginia Tech. Let’s go Hokies!

For more information:

Send an email and let’s talk: acmarrs [at] ncsu [dot] edu